BOOK author
Designing Futures: How Can Ethics Shape Design Theory and Practice
about the politics inherent to the relationship between ethics and design · FBAUL
BOOK editorial assistant
From Xenakis’s UPIC to Graphic Notation Today
about a computational compositional tool and musical instrument called UPIC · ZKM
PAPERS author
The Problem With Gender-Blind Design and How We Might Begin to Address It: A Model for Intersectional Feminist Ethical Deliberation
2023 – CHI EA ‘23
corresponding author
A Comparative Analysis of Institutional Ethical Codes of Conduct for the Practice of Design
2023 – HCII2023
corresponding author
Gender Stereotypes in Interaction Design: Render Me – Augmented Reality Masks to Inhabit the Metaverse
2023 – HCII2023
Finding the Mother Tree: Developing a design process for sustainment through ethics
2022 – Jornadas Científicas da Universidade de Lisboa
academic poster