Hi, my name is Ana and I’m a designer and researcher currently based in Lisbon. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics, but I sought to have a move direct sociocultural impact and switched fields for my Master’s in Communication Design. As both a scientist and a designer, I came to understand both these aspects not as opposites, but complementary — two different sides to the same pursuit of knowledge coin. With this in mind, I have always nurtured and developed many inter- and multidisciplinary interests, such as art and design philosophy, web and editorial design, and creative coding. I have also recently been experimenting with some musical endeavours. Currently, in between lecturing, learning, and creating, I am PhD student researching ways to create a framework for design activism through an ethical deliberation process that is specifically anchored in intersectional queer/feminist ways of knowing. I am also very interested in exploring possible materializations of this type of discourse so if you have any thoughts about any of this I’d really love to hear from you. I love to debate and share ideas and skills so if you think we might have something to teach and learn from each other, please hit me up :)